We are raising money for the ACLU of Illinois, money which will go to their valuable work on a local and national level.


Actively Stand Up

CACTA believes that we can help and contribute in many other ways in addition to financial help and we ask our beneficiaries to give us actions that we can all get involved with.

Protect access to reproductive health care in Illinois

A new measure, House Bill 40, affirms our state’s commitment to ensuring access to comprehensive reproductive health care, including abortion. Without the protections guaranteed by this bill, Illinois law could revert back to pre-Roe days when abortion was criminalized. Tell your state representative to support the bill here

The best way to help get engaged with ACLU is to become a member. You can sign up here


ACLU of Illinois

The ACLU of Illinois has been the principal protector of constitutional rights in the state since its founding in 1929.

The ACLU of Illinois (ACLU), and its affiliated Roger Baldwin Foundation (RBF), are non-partisan, non-profit organizations dedicated to protecting the liberties guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, the state Constitution, and state/federal human rights laws. The ACLU accomplishes its goals through litigating, lobbying and educating the public on a broad array of civil liberties issues.

The RBF, the tax-deductible arm of the ACLU of Illinois, was separately incorporated in 1969, allowing the organization to greatly expand its litigation and educational programs. As a result, the ACLU not only has been able to substantially increase the number of cases it litigates, but also to pursue complex, high-impact cases.

Our advocacy is legendary in the areas of racial justice, religious liberty, freedom of expression, the rights of children and people with disabilities, criminal justice reform, fairness for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender individuals and reproductive justice. The scope of our advocacy has been substantially broadened by the national security work that we have done since 9/11/01, challenging government interference, detention, and racial and religious profiling that violated constitutional liberties.

With a membership of more than 16,600 in Illinois – and 444,600 across the country – the ACLU protects freedom, liberty, equality and justice through litigation, lobbying and education.

Learn more about our issues, our work in the courts and in the legislature.

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