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CACTA believes that we can help and contribute in many other ways in addition to financial help and we ask our beneficiaries to give us actions that we can all get involved with.



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RefugeeOne’s mission is to create opportunity for refugees fleeing war, terror, and persecution to build new lives of safety, dignity, and self-reliance. Since 1982, RefugeeOne has welcomed more than 17,000 refugees fleeing every major world crisis—from Cambodian survivors of the killing fields to Syrians displaced by the ongoing civil war.

With the help of 1,400 volunteers, we walk alongside refugees on the road to self-reliance—greeting them at O’Hare, finding and furnishing their first apartments, and matching them with volunteer mentors to help them acclimate to life in the United States. Every year, RefugeeOne helps 2,500+ refugees and immigrants learn English, obtain health care, secure employment, and strengthen their families.

As Illinois’ largest refugee resettlement agency, RefugeeOne provides a full range of services to meet the unique needs of refugees. Our staff—most of whom are refugees or immigrants themselves—speak 35 languages and represent every geographic region of the refugees we serve. Our primary focus is to support these resilient individuals in becoming healthy, self-sufficient, contributing members of their new communities.

Who We Are

Founded in 1982 and incorporated as an independent not-for-profit in 1992, RefugeeOne is a refugee resettlement agency that provides a full range of services to refugees resettled in the Chicago area. Our primary focus is to assist the refugee in becoming an independent, self-supporting member of the new community as soon as possible.

Every year, RefugeeOne assists approximately 2,500 refugees and immigrants of all ages, ethnic groups, faiths and backgrounds to find housing, learn the English language, acclimate to American culture, develop computer and job readiness skills, secure employment, obtain medical and other care, apply for citizenship, and develop overall family strengthening skills.

RefugeeOne’s programs are made possible through the dedicated efforts of nearly 45 staff members – many of whom were refugees themselves – and approximately 1,400 volunteers. While many of our programs and services are delivered at our main offices in Uptown in Chicago, we have off-site locations throughout the north side of Chicago and in various suburbs where our programs for youth, women, and seniors are held.


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